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East Cambridgeshire On-Line News

What is East Cambridgeshire On-Line News?

East Cambridgeshire On-Line News is a selection of news stories, listings of events, images and messages. There are bulletin boards where people can send messages and respond to other peoples messages. Messages sent to the bulletin boards are automatically and instantly added without being checked or edited in any way.

East Cambridgeshire On-Line News also hosts a Web site dedicated to Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve. This Web site is partly funded by English Nature. As of June 1997 it is being rennovated and having a large stock of information added to it.

There is a large amount of textual information within East Cambridgeshire On-Line News wich can be searched using our own search engine. There is a big advantage of using our own search engine to find information within ECOLN over using global search engines such as AltaVista, Lycos or Hotbot because the global search engines tend to only index a small fraction of ECOLN's archives and those indexes are often out of date. ECOLN's search engine, however, only searches for information within the ECOLN and Wicken Fen Web sites.

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