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News from May 1996

[archive index] Volunteers needed for Strawberry Fair - (31/5/96)

Copied from cam.misc: The 23rd Strawberry Fair needs you!

If you can spare at least two hours, then read on...

The Strawberry Fair is a free festival of arts, crafts and music that takes place on Cambridge Midsummer Common each year. For a large number of people, it is the main event in the Cambridge calendar, offering something a little different from the run-of-the-mill Cambridge event, and all for free.

This year’s Strawberry Fair will have something for everyone: from the Kettles Yard and Wysing Arts activities involving moving fire-breathing sculptures and stained glass arches, through the multi-media-marquee offering a blend of audio and visual stimulation of the senses, the five stages for performing arts and music of all types, to the two-hundred plus arts and crafts stalls. The whole thing kicks off with a children’s procession through the town (around mid-day), and finishes with a grand finale (around 10:30pm). To keep everyone going, there will be two beer tents and numerous food outlets offering food from all over the world.

The Strawberry Fair is organised ‘by the people of Cambridge, for the people of Cambridge’. As you can imagine, arranging an event that is attended by thirty thousand people (one in three people of Cambridge!) takes quite a bit of organising and running: from the preparations beforehand, through the day itself, to clearing up afterwards.

Arrangements for this year’s Strawberry Fair started way back in November, and while we have got a long way down the road, there is still a lot to do. If you would like to get involved in any way at all - however great or small the contribution - then please contact me. Your reward: food! And the satisfaction of knowing that you were involved in putting on what is one of the best, and last, free events in the country.

And all that can be yours for just two hours of your time!

Kam Sanghera
Strawberry Fair Committee

[archive index] Charges for care in Cambridgeshire rocket - (31/5/96)

The County Council has increased charges for essential work by as much as 400 per cent. The increased charges were made this month apparently in response to the Government's 'refusal' to fund services properly through the Standard Spending Assessment.
The Council's director of Social Services is reported to have said, 'The Government would not acknowledge that Cambridgeshire was entitled to the Special Area Cost Adjustment, which has been awarded annually to surrounding counties'.
More than 300 people have complained to the council already

- based on an article in the Cambridge Evening News of 29/5/96.

[archive index] Pipex part of another merger - (27/5/96)

The largest Internet Provider for business in Britain, darling of the Cambridge Evening News, local benefactor and recent acquisition of American company UUNET Technologies, Unipalm Pipex, is to become a part of an even fatter corporate monster. UUNET Technologies has agreed to a merger with the Microsoft backed MSF Communications Company.
Last week as the company changed its name to UUNET Pipex, their head of European operations, Peter Dawe, bowed out, sold his shares in UUNET - vowing to serve the greater good of the Internet community as part of the Internet Service Providers Association.

- interpretation of articles in the Cambridge Evening News of 3/5/96 and 21/5/96.

- editor's note: The letter I wrote to the Cambridge Evening News (published in last Friday's edition) contained a part I was particularly keen for them to print. In that part I suggested that competition amongst Internet Service Providers was set to keep prices low and levels of service high. This wasn't printed. I'm not suggesting there was any ulterior motive for them to have done this. I'm just taking this opportunity to mention it in the remote event that someone who read that letter is also reading this. - Ben Aldhouse.

[archive index] County council must keep to Government budget - (22/5/96)

On Monday the County Council heard that it would not be able to spend the £5.8m it said was needed beyond the spending limit imposed on it by the Government. The average council tax bill will be nearly £21 less than if the spending had been allowed. However it thought that 100 more teaching jobs will be lost in the county during the year - on top of the 117 lost last year.

- based on a story in the Cambridge Evening News of 21/5/96.
- see Government to decide whether Cambs. can spend £5.8m extra on schools and social services - (14/5/96)

[archive index] Cambridge graduates held in Irian Jaya - home at last - (19/5/96)

Anna McIvor, Annette van der Kolk, Bill Oates and Daniel Start were reunited with their families when they arrived at Heathrow Airport today. They were taken hostage by 'stone age' rebels in the Irian Jaya province of Indonesia last January as part of the Free Papua Movement's campaign to bring attention to the encroachment of Indonesian and multi-national exploitation of the land they see as theirs.
The Indonesian Army took on the rebels last Wednesday in order to free the captives. Two Indonesian hostages were killed during the operation.

- see Red Cross abandons rescue of Irian Jaya hostages - (10/5/96)

[archive index] Government to decide whether Cambs. can spend £5.8M extra on schools and social services - (14/5/96)

The county council will have to wait until the end of the month to find out if it will be allowed to spend £5.8 million on schools and social services beyond the limit imposed by the Government.
The council is concerned that without this money, teaching jobs will be at risk and the level of care for elderly people will be affected.

- based on an article in the Soham Advertiser of 9/5/96.
- see Spending - County v. Government - (19/2/96)

[archive index] Red Cross abandons rescue of Irian Jaya hostages - (10/5/96)

The Red Cross has abandoned efforts to rescue 11 hostages including four Cambridge graduates being held by rebels in the Irian Jaya province of Indonesia. The rebels said they would make no concessions until they attain independence from Indonesia.

- based on an article in Ceefax 9/5/96.
See - Red Cross talk with Irian Jaya hostages - (4/3/96)

[archive index] Mildenhall staff help with Liberia evacuation - (9/5/96)

More than 100 service personnel from Mildenhall Airbase were involved in the evacuation of Westerners from Liberia after intense fighting broke out between rival militias in Monrovia.
USAF KC 135 Stratotanker in-flight refuelling aircraft from Mildenhall flew more than 50 missions to support the evacuation.

- based on articles in the Soham Advertiser of 25/4/96 and the Cambridge Evening News of 6/5/95.

[archive index] Cambridge local election results - (5/5/96)

Last thursday's local election in Cambridge left the Conservatives with just one seat on the city council. The full results are listed in this file.

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